OK, so this is a dangerous maneuver…  but I honestly want as many opinions as I can get.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) is the organization that represents the shooting industry.  In the past few years, they seem to have become more and more a direct mouthpiece of the NRA… which shouldn’t be that big a deal, except they’ve also adopted the NRA’s propagandistic way of addressing issues.  Of particular interest to me, right now, is the way they’re dealing with the lead ammo issue. 

I totally understand that they are opposed to any effort to limit the use of firearms and ammunition.  They are, after all, the public face of the firearms and ammo industries.  This is, literally, dollars in pockets we’re talking about.  But this is what brings me here now…

In response to the recent attacks on lead ammunition, the NSSF (and the NRA) have decided that they should somehow obfuscate the issue by referring to lead ammo as “Traditional Ammunition”.  I’m not sure who’s idea this was, but to me, it seems an awfully stupid attempt to avoid the truth of the argument… that lead is a toxic metal (in certain situations), and that it may present a risk to the health of wildlife, or even to humans. 

I’m not going to rehash the lead ammo issue right now.  What I’m asking instead is for you, who are mostly members of this hunting and shooting community, to offer me your honest opinions. 

Does it make a difference if we call it “traditional ammunition” as opposed to “lead”?  Or is it really not much more than a bald-faced attempt to hide from the reality? 

I know how I feel about it, of course, and I’ve said as much in emails and Facebook messages to the NSSF.  But I don’t know if they’re getting the message.  Before I push harder against this brick wall, I really wonder if I’m the only one (I think I know the answer to this).  But if I’m right, and not alone, I think it’s time that we make our voices heard to the NSSF.  We are not the industry, but we are far more important… we are the consumers! 

So sound off, please.  This may seem a small thing, but I honestly think it’s much more than that.

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