Well, the cliche title may well be a harbinger of the quality of the new Discovery Channel series, or maybe it’s the weakest link… it’s hard to say at this point… but regardless, I just received a note from Discovery publicity folks that the channel has produced a new, 10-part series on wild hogs.  The program will initially air on January 7, 2011.

Rather than reiterate the press release here, I’ll just share it in its entirety.


(Silver Spring, Md.) – Discovery Channel and Film Garden Entertainment announce that they have teamed up to produce a new ten part series, HOG WILD (WT).  One hour episodes are scheduled to begin in first quarter 2011.

The series explores the escalating national problem of free-roaming wild hogs.  Because their reproduction rate is unbelievably high (in just five years, two hogs can produce 44,000 of their kind), controlling the population of these aggressive and unruly beasts is crucial to mitigate costly damages and physical danger. The current estimate on wild hogs is six million with some of them growing as large as 700 pounds.  In the United States millions of dollars of damage is caused per year for business, farm and homeowners.  This series examines this detrimental issue by following three of the toughest animal removal companies in the country (located in Texas, Hawaii and Florida) in their attempt to combat these ferocious yet intelligent animals. 

HOG WILD (WT) is produced by Film Garden Entertainment.  Executive producers for Film Garden Entertainment are Michelle M. Van Kempen and Nancy Jacobs Miller.  For Discovery Channel, Josh Berkley is executive producer.

I’ll be watching, at least the first episodes.  I’m hoping they did a better job on this one than on their last, super-sensationalized look at the “Hog Bomb”.