Welcome To The Hog Blog

Time does fly, or at least it moves by pretty damned quickly.  Four years ago today, I put up my first post on the Hog Blog.  I had an opportunity to pop back in time and take a look at it, and unlikely as it may seem, that post is still relevant today!

Here was my very first intro:

Welcome to my blog. 

Odds are, if you’re here and reading this now, you’re either already a hog hunter or you’re thinking about becoming one.  If you already hunt hogs, then I’m sorry.  I know the addiction.  My name is Phillip, and I’m a hog hunting addict. 

If you haven’t started yet… don’t do it.  It is the road to madness.

Here’s the post in its entirety, if you’re so inclined:  Welcome To The Hog Blog

I know, four years isn’t really any sort of milestone when it comes to counting things.  Five years seems more like a big deal.  Or a decade… now that’s something to go off the rails about.  A quarter-century… whoa.  That’s a long time.

But when I look at how things have gone for me and this blog… or for hunting blogs in general…  in such a short period of time, it’s sort of impressive.  Bloggers are being interviewed by major news outlets, books have sprung out of blogs, some of us have been approached by television programs, and so on.  It’s an exciting thing to be a part of. 

So here’s to the next years, as the “real” milestones come and go.  I expect things will change for the Hog Blog, and for all of us, but change is the only constant… and it’s almost always worthwhile. 

Happy Birthday to the Hog Blog, and thanks to the Skinny Moose Networks (or whatever we’re called now) for hosting it, and an even bigger thanks to everyone who’s made the past four years so much fun by being part of my little experiment in vanity.

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