I know a lot of you who visit here are also familiar with Hank Shaw, the Hunter Angler Gardener Cook.  His blog has been a joy to read as well as a great source of info, whether you’re an aspiring chef or want to learn more about the smorgasbord of edible wild things, flora and fauna.  Someone, at some point a year or two ago, told Hank, “you ought to write a book.”

So he did.

He wrote, and recently published, Hunt, Gather, Cook, Finding the Forgotten Feast.

As the press release that accompanied my copy of the book puts it:

We live in an edible world.  And yet many of us have forgotten the feast that lives all around us.

Hunt, Gather, Cook explains how to track down everything from wild mushrooms to mackerel to pheasant.  It also provides innovative ways to prepare wild foods that go far beyond the usual campfire cuisine: homemade root beer, buttermilk fried rabbit, wild greens ravioli, blowfish teriyaki.

This is what Hank writes about, and he does it very well.  Whether it’s on his blog or in the new book, Hank introduces you to wild food that may well be growing right out in your own backyard.  In fact, at one dinner I was priviledged to attend, that’s exactly where our salad came from… his backyard.

Oh, and it rocked!

I’ve had the opportunity to spend a little time with Hank, both at his table and in the field, and both experiences have been rewarding.  I haven’t met many people with his drive to learn things to their very core, and then to take that knowledge and tweak it with his own innovative touches.

And that’s exactly what he’s done in Hunt, Gather, Cook. Hank offers up far more than a traditional cookbook or a foraging guide.  There are plenty of both already on the shelves.  Instead, he’s taken the body of knowledge he’s acquired (he’s still acquiring), and then he tweaks it, like a recipe, until the book has evolved into a very enjoyable read that just happens to teach you a thing or two along the way.  What’s even better, is that Hank is a hell of a wordsmith… something I don’t see enough of in the publishing industry these days.

If you get half a chance, I’d definitely recommend finding a copy and giving it a read.  You can pick it up at Amazon, either in hard-copy or for the Kindle.