I know that, despite his recent legal troubles here in CA, Ted Nugent still has a lot of fans in the hunting and shooting community.  I even bet a lot of you would like the opportunity to hunt with the Nuge on his Waco, TX ranch.

Well, it looks like this may be your chance.  Received this yesterday (and was supposed to get it online this morning):

Hi Phillip–

Glenda Luft here with charitybuzz writing to put our first auction with Ted Nugent on your radar for The Hog Blog. Thought your readers would love to hear about the opportunity to spend the day with the “Whackmaster” himself at his Waco compound, and we’d love your help raising funds for charity with a mention! Please find details below….

Legendary guitarist Ted Nugent is sharing his “spirit of the wild” with two lucky fans in an effort to raise funds for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital through the Eric Trump Foundation’s online auction.

The iconic madman and avid hunter has put a day of hunting and fishing at his Waco, Texas compound on the auction block at leading charity auction site charitybuzz.com. The lucky winning bidder and a guest with join Ted Nugent, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump Jr. for a day they’ll never forget.

The experience, valued at $30,000, is open for bidding through August 8th at: http://www.charitybuzz.com/catalog_items/270205

Plenty of time to get in on the auction, and it is for a good cause.  I’d love to hear that a Hog Blog reader won this trip, but of course I’ll expect pictures and a write-up!