Here’s a quick shot for anyone who’s got a second to reply…

What do you think about a new round that’s specifically designed for hog hunters and depredation?  It’s built around a specially designed, lead-free bullet that will provide serious expansion and penetration at the same time.  It also uses a special powder blend to reduce muzzle-flash for night time depredation shooting.

I realize that most of you regular readers are recreational hunters (as opposed to dep hunters), but I’m still curious about your take.  Is this something you could see a use for?  Those of you who use premium bullets, would you consider this one?

Personally, I’m sort of ambivalent.  I think it’s really cool that hog hunting has become so prevalent that a major manufacturer thinks it’s worth the effort and cost to develop a round specifically for swine killers.  On the other hand, this status comes as the direct result of the spread of a destructive species that’s costing states and private landowners a lot of money.

As far as the ammo itself, I can’t say more yet.  I haven’t even held one in my grubby mitts.  However, next week I’ll have the opportunity to try this new round in real, field conditions on real hogs, and learn a lot more about the marketing plan behind it as well.  I will let you know a lot more about this thing next week.