Just browsing around for news stories while I’m off at a conference this week, I saw this piece that Texas readers might find interesting.  The Texas Dept. of Agriculture instituted the Hog Out County Grants program earlier this fall, and intends to provide funds for feral hog abatement programs to participating counties.

The grants are primarily based on participation and the number of feral hogs taken between 10/01/11 and 12/31/11.  According to the Tx Dept. of Ag website, the grants will be awarded as follows:

In order to be eligible for a grant, counties will be required to submit a completed Grant Application in January 2012.  Participating counties will be required to document the following results for the period of October 1, 2011 through December 31, 2011:

*Number of feral hogs taken in the county, as certified by the county.
*Number of participants at a TDA-approved education program about feral hog abatement technologies.

Based on the criteria above, awards will be made in the form of a grant that the county will be able to use on feral hog abatement related expenditures during the 2012 calendar year. Awards will be made as follows:  The highest scoring county will be awarded $20,000; the second highest will be awarded $15,000; the third highest will be awarded $10,000; and the fourth & fifth highest will be awarded $7,500 each.

If you’re in Texas, is your county taking part in this?  How?

If you’re not in Texas, how’s this sound to you?  A good way to help manage the hog population or a boondoggle?