I was lucky enough to kill a moose this past season in Northern Maine.  The age report has been released by the state and my Bull was 4.5 years old.  http://www.maine.gov/ifw/hunttrap/moosehunting/agerequests.htm

That is on the younger end compared to the ages of some of the others harvested this past season.  [quote] Moose Statistics and Appearance
Life span: 15-25 years
Weight: 550-700 kg (1200-1500 lbs)
Body length: 2.5-2.7 metres[/quote]

Now if your interested in a going on a moose hunt in Maine you need to get drawn for a permit.  Here is the link to the info you need to get in the moose lottery http://www.informe.org/ifw/moosepermit.html
and as an added bonus this year they are giving away a sweet looking warden’s truck from 1957. 


Good luck and if you don’t think it can happen I’ve been drawn twice. My story