We’ve all seen the shows where they go out on the street and show the “average” person a photo of someone famous and ask who is it? Most can’t identify Newt or Rummy if their life depended on. For some reason I believe that a couple of weeks ago if you stood inside a hunting show and asked folks who Jim Zumbo was that most couldn’t tell you a thing about him. One, or more accurately two blog posts and he is practically a household name as well as the most hated man in the outdoor industry.

What Mr. Zumbo posted certainly is not a position I would take nor care to have to defend. I believe we should vigorously defend our rights but what I’ve witnessed the last few days appears to be more of a lynching then a defending. If you believe that Mr. Zumbo is not a supporter of the second amendment one would need to question the leadership of these organizations as well as companies that have supported, hired, and associated with him over his long career. How come they didn’t know he opposed the Second Amendment?

I honestly believe the man misspoke like he said. What has happened since then is a firestorm among us gun owners and outdoor types. We made sure this man’s professional life was destroyed so he can no longer spew his anti second amendment rhetoric.

Seemed like just about everywhere gun owners gathered they were being urged to boycott his sponsors and to write in and email their displeasure for what this man said. We never gave his sponsors opportunity to wade through the issue and figure out what should be done. Over a couple of ill thought out posts we throw out all the good that Jim Zumbo has done over the years to better and improve the shooting sports.

But the Antis will use his words against us is the cry. They probably would have with limited success because most people would have no idea who Jim Zumbo is. There would of also been opportunity for a discussion around the whole topic because I’m certain that many hunters may have questions about why someone may choose to hunt with an assault rifle.

What we feared most we have now guaranteed will take place because we have educated not only those within our ranks to jump on the kick Zumbo while he is down bandwagon but also a lot more people now know about Zumbo. Unfortunately the only thing they know about him is that he is the Gun Writer that spoke out against people hunting with assault rifles.

A couple of blog posts this weekend by a man that should have known better certainly has hurt but the thousand upon thousands of emails and net posts highlighting his blunder for all the world to see will be even more costly on our second amendment rights.