If you’re like me hardly a week goes by during the deer season that an email doesn’t hit my box telling me about some monster buck that has just gotten bagged. Recently the same buck has been killed in 3 different North Carolina counties as well as a couple of other states.

Rumors and urban legends have always been part of hunting circles but as technology has advanced so has the stories. Now the stories come with photos to prove them and you almost have to be a CSI to tell whether or not the photos have been doctored in anyway. The real crafty ones are those with legit photos but the accompanying story is totally bogus and thus is the case with this trophy buck photo.

This buck was not killed in New Bern, Kinston, Caswell County, or any place within the state of North Carolina it was killed in Kentucky.

Kentucky’s Biggest Buck Of 2006: The Pennyrile Surprise
When Amish hunter Dan Miller headed into the woods of Kentucky’s Pennyrile State Forest last November, little could he imagine that he’d soon be dragging out one of Kentucky’s best non-typicals of all time!

This is a great story about how only a handful of people knew this bad boy was walking around on public hunting ground and how a Amish Hunter (Dan Miller) who never been on this land before drew a permit and bagged a buck of a lifetime. I won’t tell the whole story here but it is a very interesting one that you should check out.
North American Whitetail Story

Here is some additional photos I’ve come across that are of the Dan Miller Buck of the completed shoulder mount.

This awesome 19-point non-typical, scoring 246 3/8, is Kentucky’s No. 1 buck from the 2006-2007 season. It ranks 5th on the state’s all-time list of B&C non-typical whitetails. Taxidermy by Martin Meredith.

This is a magnificent animal and I think it is unfortunate that some have left out the true story behind it and made up all these different email stories. Rumors like this steal a bit from the hunter, the taxidermist that mounted it, the state of Kentucky and their management efforts. Rumors like this call into question even the legitimate story because people have seen these photos associated with hunting stories from other places and they can not determine what is true.
I have had even a few non hunters the past few weeks approach me about this “Monster NC Buck” because they know of my love of the outdoors. I have been able to explain that this buck was not killed in NC but up until today and when I did some research I did not know all the details other then it was killed a few years ago in Kentucky.

Well like Paul Harvey says “Now you know the rest of the story”