I just got back from a few days of hunting at the “Christmas Place” Rex told me I had an open invitation to visit. Unfortunately I didn’t see Rex around the place but it was a busy place with all the elves running around I guess that is how he named the place. Hunting was good seemed like I got a flush every 200 yards or so. Got the truck loaded up and headed for home. Traffic was a killer it seemed like just about every town I rolled through was having their Christmas Parade. The weird thing was that most of the kids I saw on the sides of the road was crying, screaming, and pointing which makes no sense to me. Then I noticed the fire trucks in front of me the guys were throwing candy so I figured that must have been what was upsetting the tykes. I didn’t have candy so I threw my emergency food cache; slim jims, cans of beene weenies, and potted meat but they still cried. If that wasn’t bad enough I got home and heard that some heartless jerk killed all of Santa’s reindeer so Christmas has been canceled. My money is on that Tom dude over at the Black Bear Blog