The bow hunters are gathering this weekend at the fairgrounds for the annual NC Bow Hunters Association Convention and Show. This show is not as large as other hunting shows like the Dixie Deer Classic but still a very good show. Admission cost is only $3 for the entire weekend and the crowds are smaller so there is ample time to talk with vendors and exhibitors.

Dick Hamilton

I had the opportunity to meet Dick Hamilton from the Camo Coalition and to hear his presentation. I think every one that hunts and / or fishes in North Carolina needs to sign up. In these days when attacks on our heritage can come from almost any arena be it local, county, state, or national we need to be organized to fight. It’s no secret that the antis will take incremental progress to ultimately outlaw our way of life.

There is no fee to join just a wiliness to receive e-mail alerts on issues of importance for sportsmen. Guys we got to stand together on these issues even if the attack is on a part of the sport we don’t participate in. When we get organized we can be a powerful voice in preserving the outdoor heritage for our kids and grandkids.

Other things happening out there included 3 d archery tournament as well as a number of raffles. I believe many of the raffles were drawn tonight at the banquet. The show runs through tomorrow (Sunday) so if you get a chance stop by and check it out.

NC Wildlife Resource Commission has a booth out there. Great time to ask a biologist a question.