In 6 Western Counties a wild hog is considered a big game animal called a “wild boar” in the rest of the state they are a non game animal called a “feral hog”. No matter what you call it a pig can certainly destroy some habitat. Once they get a foothold eradicating them is nearly impossible. Mecklenburg county seems to be having some feral pig problems after what officials believe may have been an illegal release of the hogs into the wild.

A park worker spotted the first boar in Cowans Ford Wildlife Refuge in November, and motion-detecting cameras have snapped several portraits there since. They’re the first ever seen on county property.
Wild boars are most familiar in North Carolina’s western tip, where they’re hunted. But their number and range are growing statewide.
It may seem a little exciting to know that bristly, 180-pound hogs are roaming the outskirts of Charlotte, grandly tossing their tusks. But biologists groan at the prospect.
“We’re not talking about nice, sweet, pink piggies,” said Chris Matthews, the county park department’s natural resources manager. “These guys just don’t belong here.”

Charlotte Observer

Mecklenburg County is not alone when it comes to problems with hogs there are pockets of them across the state. Will North Carolina become another Texas or Florida with widespread problems with hogs? I don’t think so but who knows for sure. While the opportunity to hunt pigs is appealing seeing them spread across the state is overall a very bad thing. The damage they cause will be devastating to the areas they occupy and may forever reshape the landscape of the state.