Packs of roaming dogs have been an issue for a while in parts of North Carolina but we are beginning to see more and more issues across the state with them. Wild dogs are a serious threat to individuals as well as livestock and pets. It has been a number of years since I had an encounter while deer hunting. Luckily I had a rifle with me but not everyone that encounters these wild dogs has weapons with them.

“We have a serious problem with packs of aggressive dogs running in the city and county, and we need to be proactive to protect our citizens from these wild animals,” said Dr. John Lauby, a veterinarian and Animal Services director.
Animal Services has received reports of rabbits, cats and other small animals being killed in their yards by wild dogs. Packs have been seen and reported in the following areas:
• Old Wilmington Road to Campbell Avenue and Cool Spring Street
• Commerce Street to Bradford Avenue and Hay Street
• Raeford Road corridor, near Fairway Drive, off Willborough Avenue, near Berkshire Road and South McPherson Church Road
• Raeford Road at Wildwood and Aftonshire Drives
• Lamon, Moore and Hillsboro Streets
• Shaw Road and Holland Street
• Mike and Johnson Streets


People should be cautious and ready to protect themselves and their property.