Animal Planet

North Carolina is once again ground zero for the hunt for the ever elusive Bigfoot. Animal Planet has sent a film team here to document the hunt as reports of the Bigfoot roaming these woods continue to circulate. There are many things that are rumored to roam the lands of North Carolina some I believe do others I don’t;
Cougars, or mountain lions… yup I believe there are some however I’m not convinced that NCWRC released them.
Red Wolves….nope we got a souped up coyote with red wolf traits that US Fish and Wildlife released on us but no pure red wolves.
Chupacabra the blood sucking creature I don’t know … maybe how they got here I can’t speculate.
Big Foot ain’t no way in heck we got one of them running around some redneck would of mounted that thing on the front of his pick up and paraded him through town. Trust me they are not going to find big foot.

We’ll continue to follow as this story develops cause we know it will.