Ty-Rion Henry 8 years old

Ty-Rion Henry died from injuries from a pellet from his Grandfather’s pellet gun. News reports state that Daniel Henry had been shooting at squirrels earlier in the day and had left the loaded gun on the stairs inside the home.

As Ty-Rion was coming downstairs, she said, her father checked to make sure the gun’s safety latch was on, and he accidentally hit the trigger, shooting the boy.
The pellet went through the boy’s eye and lodged in his brain. Tests at WakeMed showed he had no brain activity.


This is a tragic story and should be a reminder to all of us the importance of gun safety including pellet guns. To many people underestimate the power one of these guns pack and that they really are not a toy. Adults and young people need to follow gun safety rules when using any gun including bb and pellet guns.
Our thoughts and prayers are with Ty-Rion’s family as they lay their young one to rest.