Beards Swinging in the wind

I was inside Great Smokey Mountain National Park this weekend and saw a lot of wildlife including turkeys. The turkey population is doing well by all appearances which is great because this was not always the case here in North Carolina. Lots of sportsmen, groups like National Wild Turkey Federation,North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, and others are all part of the success of the turkey restoration. While game animals restoration is important for some of these groups because of the hunting potential other non game species greatly benefit from these efforts. All nature lovers and conservationists should support these groups in their efforts because there is a lot of good that happens and a lot of funding generated to support these projects.

The turkey is but one example of nature that has been restored to the woods and fields of North Carolina. Talk to an old timer and ask them about turkeys and deer when they were growing up. How often did they see them? Elk is another specie that has been reintroduced and latter this week I’ll share more about them as well as some of the stunning photographs I got this weekend.
Until then enjoy the turkey photos and for us who like to hunt the wild turkey the season is a little over a month away…. time to start getting ready.

A Pair of Gobblers in Catalochee GSMNP

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Lunch Time

Eastern Turkey in GSMNP