Bob Beck "Extreme Outer Limits" on the Sportsman Channel

Another black eye on the hunting world as Bob Beck pleads guilty to hunting violations in Idaho. The incident took place during the filming of his show “Extreme Outer Limits” that airs on the Sportsman Channel. Bob Beck is known for his ability to take wildlife at extremely long distances and the show features many of these long shots.

Rich Landers of the Spokesman Review has broken this story;

Bob Beck, co-host of Extreme Outer Limits on The Sportsman Channel won’t be filming himself participating in public hunting seasons in Idaho – or 36 others states – next year.

Beck’s TV broadcast of a 2010 hunt helped seal his case, forcing him to plead guilty last month to hunting illegally near St. Maries.

On the broadcast, the Oregon hunter explained Idaho’s rules allow hunters to purchase a second tag that entitles them to shoot an additional whitetail.

Indeed, he bags two deer for the viewers’ pleasure.

But working with a tip from a sportsman a year after the TV show aired, Idaho Fish and Game officers and Benewah County prosecutors were able to prove, among other things, that Beck had purchased only one tag.

Beck was required to pay $2,600 in fines and restitution and he lost hunting privileges in 37 states that cooperate to shun illegal hunters.

Why?? Why?? Why?? It doesn’t make any sense at all. Is the need to get a kill for the show the reason these TV personalities continue to violate the game laws? While I realize it is only a few but it seems every year there is one or two of them that get caught.

Rich Landers points out in his story about how lucky Bob Beck is that federal charges were not brought specifically a Lacey Act Violation which is a felony. Charges like that would see his right to possess firearms taken away among other things.

I don’t watch this show and frankly there is only a few hunting shows that I do watch now. I’m curious though what folks think…. Does game violations by the personalities on a show impact your viewing? Would you / will you avoid shows that have had incidents like this? I’d be interested to hear some of ya’s responses.