An Eastern Gobbler

The red buds are in bloom the dogwoods too so it must be time for turkey season. Well not yet but it is only a few weeks away but the early spring has the woods looking like it does on the opening weekend. I’m hearing reports from across the state that the gobblers are doing there thing. There is nothing cooler on a spring morning then to hear a gobbler sounding off.

So whats that mean for us hunters if the spring is a head of the calendar? How will that impact our hunts? Well I think it will make it a bit more difficult in some ways and maybe easier in others. I suspect the foliage on the trees will be more like the end of the season rather than the beginning once it gets here.

More foliage is a blessing and a curse in my book. Easier for us to hide in the brush and make the gobblers have to get a bit closer cause that hen could be covered up more by the fuller leaves. The harder part is that gobbling won’t carry as far especially once that bird hits the ground so we’ll have to be better at getting closer in and we just might not hear the birds we may of normally heard.

I suspect the bug population will be much further along and more than a problem for us to have to deal with. ThermaCells will get a work out and if you don’t have one you need to go buy one now. The good thing is that turkeys love bugs so they should be more into the fields bugging in the early part of the season.

I’m not sure what kind of season we’ll have but as always it will be full of excitement and fun. So get ready cause turkey season will be here soon.

Daily limit 1; Possession limit 2
Annual limit 2
Youth Day (male or bearded turkey only): April 7, 2012
Statewide Spring Season (male or bearded turkey only)
April 14 – May 12, 2012