What we all will be looking for this weekend

Turkey hunting season opens here this weekend and everyone that plans to go should keep some basic safety tips in mind to remain safe. I came across these on the NWTF website and thought it worth re-posting so its fresh in our minds.

•Leave the area if you suspect there’s another hunter already working the same bird.

•Resist the urge to stalk turkey sounds. It is nearly impossible to sneak up on a turkey – they see and hear the slightest movements. Stalking is one of the most common causes of incidents.

•Pick your spot in open timber rather than thick brush. Eliminating movement and excess noise is more critical to success than hiding in heavy cover. Camouflage clothing also helps.

•When calling turkeys, place your back against a large stump, tree trunk, rock, etc., that is wider than your shoulders and higher than your head to avoid potential confusion from other hunters.

•Never wear red, white, blue or black – those are colors of a wild turkey gobbler’s head and body – even on socks or buttons. Do not wear any bright colors. Wear dark undershirts and socks and pants long enough to tuck into boots.

•Remain still and speak in a loud, clear voice to announce yourself to other hunters if necessary. Never move, wave or make turkey sounds to alert another hunter of your presence.

•Keep your hands and head camouflaged when calling.
•Maintain a clear field of view when using a camouflage blind or netting. Set a perimeter of no more than 40 yards.

•Make sure your decoy is not visible when you are transporting it. Stash the decoy in your vest and check that the head is not sticking out. If you harvest a wild turkey during your hunting trip, you should cover the bird’s head and body when carrying it to your vehicle.

•Put your gun safety on and approach the downed bird with your firearm pointed in a safe direction after firing. Never run with a firearm.

It is on each of us to make sure our actions are safe and we don’t do anything that causes ourselves to get hurt or anyone else. I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable opening weekend and hopefully there won’t be any tragedies or accidents.