Well I got a new computer and I’m slowly getting things back together here. As a amateur photographer I have thousand of photos along with a number of other files that was slowly overwhelming my laptop. I’ve gone back to a desktop and while I don’t have it completely set up I’m getting there.

I’ve got a HP and for the most part I’m pretty happy with it now that it is running. I was missing the cord I needed to connect the monitor with the pc and dealing with customer no service got me no where.

Funny me when I buy a complete system I expect the necessary cords would come with the system. I finally gave up on getting any help from HP and just went to Staples and picked up the cord I needed. I guess if I had known this I’d of grabbed the Dell or the Gateway off the shelf instead of the HP.

I’ve still got to transfer a number of my files over and hopefully get everything humming here in the next few days. So please bear with me. If your in the market for a new PC you might want to look long and hard before you pick an HP cause there customer service leaves a lot to be desired.