You’d have to be living in a bubble this last few years if you’ve not heard Ted Nugent speak out about hunting, gun rights, or politics in general. There is no doubt his message and his delivery methods often ruffle feathers and it seems now that even some in the hunting community maybe in that camp as well. Ted’s in your face approach has never been my style and while some of his stances I haven’t always agreed with I’m glad he is on our side. The article in D & DH lays out basically Ted’s belief that his outspokenness against the Federal Government and the current administration has put him in the cross hairs. That is probably correct and to me more the reason he has to be careful what he does because everything is going to be scrutinized. The bear hunting situation in Alaska is a prime example of an obscure law that hung him up.

Uncle Ted is an important voice and whether you care for his style or not we really can’t afford to have it silent. Just like it be foolish to go unarmed to investigate a noise in the night in your house you can’t risk getting any more game violations. To many people that support our right to hunt are not hunters themselves and the image of such a vocal advocate can not continued to be tarnished and have them continue to support us. So Ted keep speaking up and challenging the pin heads we have that want to end our way of life but please carefully watch those game laws cause you know the feds are watching you.

Everyone should pick up the D & DH magazine and check the interview out. Besides D & DH is a pretty good read every month.