Saturday is the first day of fall and for many of us thoughts of fall bring up memories of great times spent afield chasing deer or quail or maybe wetting a line to hook a trophy fish. How fitting that across this great country Saturday is also National Hunting and Fishing Day. Here in North Carolina Governor Beverly Purdue has proclaimed it as Hunting and Fishing Day across the state.

Gov. Beverly Perdue has proclaimed Saturday, Sept. 22, 2012, as Hunting and Fishing Day in North Carolina, coinciding with National Hunting and Fishing Day.

National Hunting and Fishing Day is set aside to recognize the conservation achievements of hunters and anglers that benefit everyone who appreciates wildlife and the outdoors.

“This year also marks the 75th anniversary of the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program, one of the most significant and successful partnerships to benefit conservation in American history,” said Travis Casper, the state hunter education coordinator. “Thanks to hunters and anglers, all species can benefit from the increased protection of habitat and natural resources, and everyone can appreciate those contributions.”

There are a number of things happening across the state to commemorate this so take some young folks to one of these events and introduce them to the great outdoors. Rather than me listing them all head over to Wildlife’s event page and see what is happening near you. Here’s the link. Now I realize that many of my readers are not from North Carolina but don’t worry this is after all a national event. Check out this page for links to many other states. Now if your like me you’ll notice that only 49 states have links….hmmmm I wonder who is missing. To save you the trouble I’ll tell you North Dakota is absent. Why I don’t know…. there has got to be sportsmen in that state.

The future of our sport and culture depends on us passing it on…. so please introduce someone to the great outdoors.