Photo I took of Washington Monument

Watching the news it would seem I maybe one of the few that haven’t voted yet. I’m not a huge fan of early voting, I’ve done it a time or two , but somehow it seems to me I’m missing something. I know it is weird but I think the Tuesday in November is Election Day and that is when I should vote. So even though I’m on vacation you can be sure I’ll come out of my treestand long enough to vote on that day and I hope you do as well.
I’ve known pretty much from the get go that I wouldn’t be voting for the current administration nor did I support them four years ago. The reasons are many and I don’t vote on one single issue ,although the 2nd amendment is vital to keeping our great nation such along with the rest of the Constitution our fore fathers laid out when we formed.
Some of my friends believe that President Obama did nothing about guns and I guess looking at the surface I might of agreed if I forget about the EPA’s attempt to ban the shipping and storage of bullets and the component’s to make them. The UN has been making efforts for years to end private ownership of firearms and they were making some progress but with the election coming up that was sidelined. I have little doubt in a second term we will see a more aggressive effort on this administrations part to put the entire country under Chicago type gun laws….. they work so well there.
The more disturbing part to me was the Fast & Furious program where the Justice Department allowed gun smuggling by Mexican drug gangs back and forth across our southern border. These guys were tagged from the get go and the justice department turned around and let them make the purchases in the US and then bring them back across the southern border. These guns latter were used to kill many people including some of our own border patrol officers. This administration has never been held accountable for these deaths.
Now the Benghazi terrorist attack is traveling the same route of deny deny deny and stonewall like the fast and furious operation but at the end of the day we got Americans dead and this administration will not answer for what has happened.
Healthcare no doubt there is some need for some reform but to put the Obama Care Plan into effect will destroy the best of the healthcare system we now have and put us back generations. Government will only get in the way and the way this is being forced down our throats and won’t be good.
The economy is in the tank, we haven’t had a budget passed in like 3 years….. President Obama has not done the job he told the American People he would do. He makes no effort to work across the aisle and that is the only chance we have to get things back on track.
I could go on and on but I won’t. I’m voting on Tuesday for the Romney Ryan ticket and I really believe they can begin to right the ship and get us back on track. I hope no matter your views that on Tuesday you take the time to get out and vote I am.