My vacation was a pretty good one very relaxing and I was able to put a pretty good dent in filling my freezer with 3 deer in a week. After that the wrapping up of my old job and Thanksgiving was pretty time consuming but fun. Thanksgiving night I had a medical emergency that landed me in the hospital on Friday instead of in a tree where I really wanted to be. After 6 days in the hospital I got cut loose on a somewhat restrictive plan that certainly ended my hunting season but did allow me to show up for my new job about a week latter than I had planned. As I sit here writing this I know that I will have to return to the hospital for surgery next week and I’ll be out of commission for about 8 weeks or so.

I look back on my week of hunting and I truly appreciate how wonderful a week it was…. Spending a week watching the sunrise and then set just about every day is very therapeutic to me. I’m sure over the coming weeks those memories will help me as I battle to heal up from my surgery. Hopefully once that is through I’ll get back to more regular updates out here. Until then here are some of the photos I took on my week of hunting.

“North South East & West” seems like they have every direction covered

I tried to keep count of all the deer I saw that week and it was about 100.

One of the 3 deer I took that week.

I saw lots of nature that week