According to authorities a 12 year old was “accidentally” fatally shot by his uncle this morning while the family was deer hunting.

Authorities said Friday that a 12-year-old Tarboro boy who was killed while hunting with his family in Wake Forest was accidentally shot by his uncle.

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission officers, who took over the investigation from the Wake County Sheriff’s Office, said preliminary findings show 30-year-old Jason Matthews Harper accidentally shot his nephew, James Lee Parker, with a 12-gauge shotgun during the excursion.

A spokesman for the agency said Harper had an “improperly acquired” hunting license and had not taken a mandatory free hunting education course. He was not charged Friday.


While few details have been released as to exactly how this happened and at this point there not really that important as this family deals with this tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are certainly with them as they deal with this tragedy.

In general we all need to take the time to make sure we are safe while hunting and handling firearms. In North Carolina and many other states hunters are required to complete a hunter safety class prior to obtaining a hunting license. The class in NC is free so check it out if you need it. Lets all be safe out there.