Sandy Hook is being used as a political pawn by the left in this country that it makes me sick. The tragic death of those young innocent lives was because of the actions of one sick individual. The guns are not to blame, the movie industry, or even the Mental Health System. Guns and ammo is selling at record pace because there is a strong belief that the left is going to trample all over the second amendment and further restrict if not outright outlaw the private ownership of firearms.
“We don’t want your hunting guns just the assault weapons” that is a line of BS and they cannot be believed on this. The so call assault weapon is a far cry from its brother the military issued weapon many of our troops carry on foreign soil. The sporting rifles sold at home are not fully automatic they are semi-automatic like many other guns we have. If semi-automatics get outlawed there will be many firearms on that list. New gun laws are really not what we need especially when current laws are not being enforced. Anytime a felon is caught with a gun federal firearm laws would put that individual away for a long time but rarely are they used just the state laws are imposed.
As Americans and as gun owners we have to stand up united against this attack on our rights. You may be like me and don’t own an AR 15 but what about that semi-automatic deer rifle… the shotgun…. And god forbid your like me and own a 50 cal muzzleloader with a thumbhole stock cause Dianne Feinstein wants that off the street.
Join the organizations like the NRA or GOA who will fight for your rights. Contact your elected officials and make your voice be heard on this issue. The new gun laws we need are to reduce and eliminate gun free zones and a nationwide conceal carry.