Friday it was in the 60’s and beautiful but Saturday the weather took a change. A winter storm advisory originally posted for our area for late Saturday afternoon but by 1030 am snow was already beginning to fall. Growing up in New England this doesn’t cause me to panic like some folks around here I just get excited and hope for a big one. Well I’m still recovering from my illness and surgeries I can’t really get out and truly enjoy this weather. I decided it be a good day to make some Venison lasagna drink some coffee and sit back and watch the snow. So here is my recipe for my lasagna. I will tell you I’m not much on measuring I just kinda eyeball it but the basics are here you’ll just have to adjust it to your taste.

Venison Lasagna

Sauce Ingredients :
Crushed Tomatoes 28oz – 2 cans
Diced Tomatoes with Garlic & Oregano 14.5 oz – 1 can
Tomato Paste 12oz – 2 cans
Venison Sausage (Mild) ¾ lb
Venison Sausage (Hot) ¾ lb
Venison Burger 1 ½ lb
Beef burger ½ lb (I add a small amount of beef if I hadn’t added beef fat to the Venison burger when I grind it.)
Rosemary ( about a tablespoon more or less to your taste)
Garlic Chopped ( 3 tablespoons once again more or less to your taste)
Garlic Powder (to taste)
Salt & Pepper

Dump tomatoes into large sauce pan and begin to heat. Brown meat with chopped garlic rosemary and salt and pepper in fry pan, drain off grease and then dump into saucepan with tomatoes. Let simmer for 30 minutes add garlic powder and any additional salt to taste at this point.

Cheese mixture Ingredients
Fat Free Cottage Cheese – One Container 24 oz
2 eggs beaten
Shredded Italian Cheese mix – 1 cup
Black Pepper

Mix all together in a bowl

Lasagna Assembly Ingredients

Meat and Sauce Mixture
Cheese Mixture
Lasagna Noodles ( No Boil)
Package of sliced Mozzarella Cheese
Shredded Italian Cheese mix

Spray pan with cooking spray prior to beginning to assembly the lasagna. Cover the bottom of the pan with some of the sauce meat mix. Then layer lasagna noodles next. On top of that you put about ½ the cottage cheese mixture with a layer of the sliced cheese on top of that. Another layer of noodles more meat sauces mixture and keep on building in layers. On top sprinkle some of the Shredded Italian Cheese Mix. Cover the whole pan with foil and seal it good put it in a 350’ pre heated oven for 50 minutes. Take the foil off after 50 minutes and put it back in the oven for another 15 to 20 minutes to let the top brown.

When you pull it out of the oven let it rest for a few minutes before you cut into it. I occasionally will add a small layer of spinach in the lasagna for something different or mushrooms to the sauce. The options are really unlimited. It freezes up well so even if there is just a few of you a big pan can be utilized with leftovers for a later time.

It’s Sunday now and there is still a few small patches of snow left around. Other then some black ice last night and this morning it was a pretty non event. We had Venison Lasagna last night and then again today for lunch. There is still some leftovers for a meal somewhere down the road and I guess that is what is good about this dish even if you don’t have an army to feed. I think it tasted better today when the lasagna had some time to sit and meld together. While I’m still unable to really get out and enjoy the outdoors like I want to its great to recall the hunts this past fall when I killed the deer I needed to make this meal. They tell me I need to consume a lot of protein daily to help my body heal and there is not much better protein then a deer you hunted yourself.
I’m feeling better and better each day.