By Jerry Long, August 16, 2010 


Here’s a trip report from a hunt to Shiloh Ranch Hunting Camp in Stonewall, OK.


High school classmates 20 years later; Brian, Will and myself. 


1) Outfitter: Shiloh Ranch Hunting Camp


2) Owner: Matt & Cheryl Napper


3) Address: 28570 CR 3630, Stonewall, OK, 74871


4) Phone: (580)265-4462


5) E-mail:


6) When: March 19-21, 2007


7) Where: Stonewall, Oklahoma


8) Guided: Pointed out stand locations, offered advice, etc.


9) Drop: No


10) Transportation to hunting area: Hike in & out, used quad vehicle to recover harvested animals.


11) Accommodations: Shed type cabins including WELL-equipped cooking / dining cabin, lounge cabin, sleeping cabin, shower, and privy. 


12) Trophy hunt only: No


13) Species hunted / harvested: Feral hog and Fallow deer.


I took a nice 132 pound sow. 



Lifetime friend Mike “Bluehawk” Adams took this nice hog with a traditional percussion blackpowder rifle.


My father took a nice sow with his .75 caliber flintlock.  Awesome dad!



Buddy Brian with a nice fallow doe taken from a Double-Bull blind.



14) Tools used: Bow, blackpowder (.50 traditional caplock and .75 traditional flintlock).


15) Land hunted: Private


16) Cost: $295 per person per first feral hog or wounded hog, $1.50 per pound for additional hogs, Fallow deer variable depending on sex from $300 up.


17) Challenging terrain adversely affect hunt: No


18) Did weather adversely affect hunt: No


19) Quantity of game: Excellent


20) Quality of game: Excellent


21) Guide’s Competence: Excellent. For better or worse (our shooting) we utilized Sage the tracking dog on three occasions this trip.  I really enjoyed seeing her in action and recovering the fruits of her labor.


22) Guide’s Hunting Ethics: Excellent


23) Condition of Equipment: Good


24) Food: We provided our own and it was enhanced by the well-equipped cooking / dining cabin. Shiloh can provide meals upon request without prior notice.


25) Accommodations: Good. The shower is cumbersome.


26) Trophy care: Not required, but could be handled by local locker.


27) Meat care: Shiloh has teamed up with a local locker, P&P Deer Processing, with outstanding results. Fifty dollars (up $10 from last year) paid for a “basic” hog package that included some OUTSTANDING pork sausage. Plus, Alvin and his employees couldn’t be nicer. 


28) Number of outfitted / guided hunts for myself: 4


29) Contact me on Bowsite, handle dustyvarmint if you have questions.


30) Recommended: I HIGHLY recommend Shiloh Ranch. I specifically recommend Shiloh for an archer’s first hunt or someone who wants to build experience and confidence.


General comments: This was our second trip to Shiloh.  There was a $30 or $35 tracking fee for use of Sage the tracking dog.  On the second or long day of hunting, hunters were required to be out of the field from approximately 10:00 am to 12:00 pm so that corn could be spread on the internal and external roads.  I sat stand two the entire time this trip and felt the hogs were more skittish this time than in 2006.  Additionally, despite sign to the contrary, the ranch was certified chupacabra free by Cheryl (I didn’t ask for industry qualifications).


happy hunting, dv 

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