By Jerry Long, January 31, 2011 

The second in a two-part series, Part I can be found here, I examine the products that struck me most from the Archery Trade Association show.

9)  Slick Trick’s redesigned Grizz Trick 2:  Gary at Slick Trick has improved an already awesome head by redesigning the 1 ¼” cut Grizz Trick.  The ferrule is now longer and more field-point shaped while the blades are made from “Mercedes” a custom grade knife steel which is touted to be 25% stronger.  The blades are still made in Solingen, Germany.  Prices are expected to remain consistent with 2010 at about $29.99 per three.

The re-designed Slick Trick Grizz Trick 2.


10)  Spot Hogg’s Bullet Proof Pins:  Spot Hogg has totally enclosed their fiber optic pins.  Basically, they’ve improved an already great product.  I do not know at this time if this feature will cost more or if they are backward compatible to older model sights.

Spot Hogg’s bullet proof pins.

11)  Full Curl Pack System from Sportsman’s Outdoor Products:  Always in search of a hunting blind carrying system that will actually fit my small carcass, see my discussion of the SOP Blind Hog in The Versatile Eberlestock X2, the Full Curl Pack System seems like it will do that plus – and that’s a big plus.  The waist-belt adjustment system on the Full Curl and the Main Beam XL addresses my little carcass-fit condition.  Available in a base frame plus a number of add-ons prices for individual Full Curl Pack System components vary from $67.00 to $330.00 for the entire system. 

Part of SOP’s Full Curl Pack System, “wings” open.

Part of SOP’s Full Curl Pack System, “wings” closed.

12)  Hunt Comfort Climb On SL treestand cushion:  The HAZMORE net seat on my Lone Wolf Sit & Climb stand is comfy enough for long sits, but the seat on my Alpha Assault can punish the backside on a three-day hunt.  At one-pound-four-ounces and measuring 10 x 14 x 2.5 inches the Hunt Comfort Climb On SL cushion is the lightest in Hunt Comfort’s line-up.  The cushions are expertly crafted in the USA using nearly all US materials.  They boast a 3 year guarantee.  Listed retail is $49.99.

Hunt Comfort’s Climb On SL treestand cushion.

13)  Wasp Archery:  This isn’t really a new product so much as a new branding.  I’ve taken nine animals with their 100 grain, 1 ¾” cut Wasp JakHammer SST.  They were kind enough to show me a 3-blade, rear-deploying, 1 5/8” cut, mechanical broadhead currently under design.  Wasp has kept their products in what I consider a “reasonable” price zone (less than $30 per three broadheads) so I’m looking forward to the renewed company efforts.

Wasp Archery’s new brand look.

14)  Tight Spot Quiver:  I never, ever thought I’d meet a one piece quiver that I’d like.  They are too far from the riser, too noisy, too off-balance causing too much torque, too spongy on my lap in a treestand or blind and non-adjustable for location on the bow.  My current two-piece quiver addresses some of those issues, but my buddy Gary says it is so heavy I need a truck and wagon to bring it along.  Tight Spot has addressed all these issues plus some.  Visit their web page to learn about this feature packed product.  MSRP is $152.95.  I’m excited about this one.

The Tight Spot Quiver, an exciting product. 


15)  Darton’s PTR (Progressive Torque Reduction) cable guard:  With a little end-of-draw bend this innovative cable guard reduces side torque between the riser and the limbs when at full draw.  Available on bows such as the 38” axle-to-axle VF4500 I’m interested to see where this technology goes in the future.

Darton’s Progressive Torque Reduction cable guard.

16)  TJD Worm Stand:  Although not necessarily marketed to any particular group other than hunters I dedicate this one to the tough hunters at Adaptive Sportsman who are “providing recreational opportunities for physically challenged people.”  The worm stand has a large platform suitable in size for a wheelchair and a worm-geared, upright, sectioned column that can be powered in one of three ways; a cordless drill, an included hand crank or an accessory electric motor.  Components range in price from $900 to $1600 dollars.

The TJD Worm Stand platform with accessory electric motor and controller. 

The TJD Worm Stand rail.

The TJD Worm Stand in action using the hand crank.

Well, besides bows, that is it for ATA coverage.  Thanks for joining me. 

happy hunting, dv   

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