By Jerry Long, March 14, 2011 

This week I review the best rest I’ve ever used – QAD’s Ultra-Rest Pro Series HD.

Overall Rating***+ (3+ stars of 5)


  • Advanced Vibration Technology – Injection molded rubber thumbwheel is designed to force peak vibration amplitude to a minimum while creating a comfortable feel.
  • Extended thumbwheel lever
  • Timing cord  is adjustable at the thumbwheel
  • Available in black, Realtree AP or Mathew’s Lost Camo
  • Patented Lock-Down Technology – Patented eccentric cam brakes and locks-down into the drop away position guaranteeing total fletching clearance.  Allows for increased internal spring tension for faster launcher drop-away.
  • Totally captures the arrow – When stalking, drawing, or during slow let down your arrow always remains in total containment.
  • VDT (Velocity Drop-Away Technology) – The ONLY drop-away rest on the market with a patented feature that allows the ULTRA-REST to fall away only when the bow is fired, NOT during a slow let down. Unlike other rests that drop-away because of inertia or vibration the ULTRA REST relies on the velocity of the rest moving forward, via the timing cord attached to the bow’s downward buss cable, to initiate launcher drop. VDT assures the Ultra-Rest remains in the cocked position even on a slow let down and will only drop- away if the bow is fired. VDT is a durable and reliable firing mechanism which is sure to change the way you look at drop away rests.
  • Super quiet – Internal cam/brake design and laser cut felt offer superior noise reduction and a “Deadly Silent Draw”
  • Total bow shelf clearance – With the Ultra-Rest cocked into the capture position via the thumb wheel your arrow will not drag across the bow shelf during draw or let down.
  • Free instructional DVD with bonus hunts
  • Free Kiss Cut decal included

Cost* (1 stars of 5).  $134.95 MSRP (ouch!), around $125.00 street price, for the black model. 

dv’s Time Out Corner:  Check out for super discounts with their Professional Bowhunter’s Buyer’s Club.

Performance***** (5 stars of 5).  Upfront, without reservation, this is the best rest I’ve ever used, period!  I shot spring and summer 3D leagues, took six African plain’s game animals and two whitetails with the rest so far this year.  It has been 100% reliable without requiring any re-tuning or tweaking.         


  • Easy set up, helpful written and video DVD instructions
  • Quiet
  • Reliable
  • Totally enclosed so the arrow is ready whether the bow is sitting on your lap in a treestand or being held side-ways during a stalk.
  • Extra parts are included for set up variations


  • Cost   

Manufacturer’s Customer Service: **** (4 stars of 5) Real, knowledgeable people answered the phone when I called to determine which model I needed.  The technician was patient with me, answered all my questions and took the time to ask his peers if he didn’t know the answer to a question.  I shared my trophy photos from Africa with QAD and received a nice response from them.   


General notes:  When I switched to the Bowtech SWAT in late 2009 I had a problem with my Trophy Taker Shakey Hunter rest bouncing arrows off the launcher arm during the draw cycle.  That’s just plain dangerous with a broadhead not to mention a problem when drawing down on an animal in the field.  I couldn’t figure out how to fix it.  So, when I read about QAD and its totally enclosed rests in an archery trade magazine I was intrigued.  I was slightly skeptical as I’d seen the results of not “cocking” or “resetting” a rest like this on the 3D range and viewed it as just another step to forget when the “heat was on”.  However, I’ve never forgotten to cock it.  The cost is high, but I simply couldn’t ask for a better, more reliable rest.  Highly recommended.       

happy hunting, dv

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