By Jerry Long, March 28, 2011 

This week I review Blood Brothers Outdoors Hunting Marsh Bucks video.

Overall Rating***+ (3+ stars of 5)

Description (from the Blood Brothers Outdoors website):  This DVD will not appeal to everyone. It was designed for the hardcore, “do it yourself” diehard whitetail hunter, who has grown tired of DVD’s that teach nothing and are only about shoving sponsored products down your throat. If you want a “whack ‘em stack ‘em” video, don’t buy this. If you want a magic potion shortcut to get your buck, don’t buy this. But if you’d like to learn how to apply time and effort towards consistent success on good bucks from a group of guys that have proven themselves in areas most of us hunters are faced with, this video will give you the tools to do this no matter where you hunt. 

Cost*** (3 stars of 5).  $14.99 MSRP, about $13.95 street price.  

Performance****+ (4+ stars of 5).  In my opinion this video shows what it takes for the average guy who doesn’t want to or can’t afford to pay big bucks to get big whitetail bucks.  Don’t get me wrong, though.  There is significant cost – time, time, time and effort.  This video shows a holistic pursuit of big bucks from an often contrarian perspective by guys who are getting it done season after season.       


  • Shows what lengths it may be necessary to go to in order to harvest mature bucks on heavily pressured and sometimes public property. 
  • Places no emphasis on a manufacturer’s latest “must have” gizmos.
  • Marked up maps are used to provide visual reference for the set ups they were discussing – priceless.


  • Sometimes the defiant, contrarian attitude gets in the way of the message I think. 
  • I would have liked to hear more from Blood Brothers Jarrod Erdody and Lee Gatzke.  Not that I don’t like Dan Infalt, but I like to hear a range of perspectives.   

Manufacturer’s Customer Service:  Not rated, not used.   

Source: Christmas gift.

I recently ran into Dan Infalt at the Green Bay, WI Deer Hunting Classic.  It is hard to read his shirt, but the caption at the bottom says, “There is no magic pixie dust.”

General notes:  The video focuses on the marshlands of southeast Wisconsin, but that does not limit its applicability.  In my opinion the general strategic attitude relayed in the video can be used anywhere.  I wish there were more videos on the market like this.  I want to learn something from a hunting video, not watch “whack and stack” and the shooting of big bucks that I’ll never see in my lifetime on highly managed, low-pressured properties.  The closest other product I could recommend like this would be John Eberhart’s series of DVDs, but without the maps included in Hunting Marsh Bucks I think John’s book Precision Bowhunting is the closest substitute. 

happy hunting, dv   

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