By Jerry Long, April 4, 2011 

The following is my outfitter report from a recent adventure with Dries Visser Safaris for African plains game.  This is a modified North American Hunting Club format.    

1) Outfitter: Dries Visser Safaris

2) Owner: Dries Visser

3) Address: P.O. Box 751, Thabazimbi, 0380, South Africa

4) Phone: +27 147790644  

5) E-mail:

6) When: August 16-23, 2010

7) Where: Thabazimbi, South Africa

8) Guided: Fully   

9) Drop: No

10) Transportation to hunting area: Truck driven by professional hunter (PH). 

11) Accommodations: Duplex cottages with separate lodge, dining area, bar, BBQ area and pool at main camp.  Huts, covered dining area, fire patio and separate shower/toilet structure at a Kronsberg camp.

12) Trophy hunt only: No

13) Species hunted / harvested: Gemsbok, blesbok, kudu, wildebeest, warthogs (male and female).

14) Tools used: Compound bow.

15) Land hunted: Private

16) Cost: Daily rates, 1×1 professional hunter upgrade and trophy fees totaled $7214.00.   Check with outfitter for current rates.   Additional costs:  Tips $985.00, air fare $1545.00+$15 FEDEX shipment, Dip &Pack $640, shipment of trophies $1073.26, overnight in Johannesburg $136.44, travel insurance $219.00, trophy clearance $295, taxidermy for one animal $875.00.  Estimated final total:  $12,997.70.    

17) Challenging terrain adversely affect hunt: No

18) Did weather adversely affect hunt: No     

19) Quantity of game: Excellent

20) Quality of game: Excellent

21) Guide’s Competence: Excellent   

22) Guide’s Hunting Ethics: Excellent

23) Condition of Equipment: Excellent  

24) Food: Excellent   

25) Trophy care: Excellent   

26) Meat care: Excellent   

27) Number of outfitted / guided hunts for myself: 8

28)  Recommended: Yes!        

29)  General comments:  This was the trip of a lifetime (and I’m hoping to make a second…).  Dries Jr is a great guy who runs a tight operation.  Kerneels, my PH, was intent on being a great host as well as professional hunter.  The same applies to the other PHs, trackers, Chef Duane and the rest of the staff.  You can find my daily journal from the eight day hunt here

30) Contact me at dustyvarmint at if I can be of help.

happy hunting, dv   

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