This week I review Ike’s Outdoors Bow Tuning Basics DVD. 

Overall Rating:  ****+ (4+ stars of 5) 

Specifications (from Ike’s Outdoor’s website):  Bow Tuning Basics is a little over an hour in length and covers the following: 

  • Finding your correct draw length & weight
  • Installing and centering a rest
  • Establishing a nocking point
  • Installing a string loop & peep sight
  • Sighting in your bow
  • Paper tuning
  • Walkback tuning
  • Broadhead tuning 

The Bow Tuning Basics DVD set also comes with flash cards you can take with you as you tune your bow. The flash cards contain helpful notes on paper tuning, walkback tuning, and broadhead tuning your bow. 

Performance:  **** (4 stars of 5).  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “I hate bow tuning.”  So I’m pretty much up for any reasonably priced item that’ll help me with this onerous task.  Jerry (Ike) has provided that with the Ike’s Outdoors Bow Tuning Basics DVD.         


  • Jerry does a great job covering the basics without going too deep.  For instance the rest set up is detailed enough to get everything on right, but he does not go into how to press the bow or change modules – both advanced skills that can lead to damage for the bow or strings if done improperly.
  • I really like the laminated flash cards.  I’m always digging around for my Easton tuning book.  I can toss the cards in my bow case or slip them on my quiver’s belt clip using the included ring for handy reference. 
  • A systematic approach to bow set up and tune. 


  • While it would be unlikely a person could cover every tuning inconsistency in a shooting session it would be nice to see some actual shooting, corrective measures incorporated and the tuning problem solved. 

 Cost:  ***+ (3.5 stars of 5).  $22.50       

Manufacturer’s Customer Service:  ***** (5 stars of 5).  I couldn’t get the DVD to play on my fairly new home theater system or my old desk top, but was successful on my newer laptop.  I contacted Jerry and received an immediate response offering to replace the DVD.  That wasn’t necessary, but this is the kind of customer service I expect from any company.  

Source:  Provided for review by Ike’s Outdoors. 

General notes:  I’ll make no bones that I’m a fan of Ike’s Outdoors (that doesn’t mean this review can’t be honest).  Jerry seems to be an “everyday ordinary” bowhunter like a lot of other every day, ordinary bowhunters.  His videos aren’t “polished”; the lighting isn’t studio quality and he makes mistakes and continues on while getting the point across at the same time.  I like all of that.  I had the good pleasure of meeting him at ATA in January; see People Pictures From The Archery Trade Association.  He was just as real in person as on his videos.  This DVD is a good further extension of Ike’s Outdoors.

happy hunting, dv

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