A review of the Hazmore Silent Hammock Seat.

Overall Rating:  ****+ (4+ stars of 5)

The Hazmore Silent Hammock Seat 


  • Treated against UV damage and rot
  • Does not absorb water
  • Quiet
  • Slides out of the way easily
  • Comfortable
  • Less bulky and more lightweight than OEM seat
  • Requires less wrestling during set up and climbing than the OEM seat
  • Silent 

Performance:  **** (4 stars of 5).  I’ve used the Hazmore seat for two seasons now and prefer it over the OEM Lone Wolf seat.  Now, to be honest, neither of those seats is as comfortable as the Summit seat, like that found on a Viper, but the Hazmore is more convenient for use with the Lone Wolf Sit & Climb.


  • The specifications pretty much say it all.  No hype there.
  • I like not having to flip the seat over during initial set up or wrestling with it during climbing. 
  • Comfortable.  I can sit for a long time in it.
  • Light weight. 
  • It is never in the way when I stand up.  The material gives way to my legs easily and there is no need to flip up or out of the way to maneuver for a look or shot.


The Hazmore seat pushed back ready for some shooting.


  • Does not extend past the front past edge of the stand so it does reduce total sitting depth when compared to OEM seat. 

Cost:  ***** (5 stars of 5).  $19.95        

Manufacturer’s Customer Service:  **** (4 stars of 5).  I contacted Hazmore when I noticed the online check-out system wasn’t protected by “https:”.  Someone from Hazmore responded and corrected it right away.   

Source:  Purchased, online retail, from Hazmore Outdoor Products

General notes:  I was concerned that my backside would be cold as the netting doesn’t cover it, but this turned out to be unfounded.  For transport, comfort and ease of set up the Lone Wolf Sit and Climb is my stand of choice.  The Hazmore Silent Hammock Seat is an outstanding replacement/updrade for the OEM seat.

happy hunting, dv

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