A review of the unique Nite Hawk Archery #3 peep sight. 

Overall Rating:  ***** (5 stars of 5) 


  • The unique aperture of the Nite Hawk reduces light refraction that causes left/right shots in low light as well as making objects sighted in the peep clearer.  

Performance:  ***** (5 stars of 5).  While it did take some getting used to looking through a cross as compared to a circle the learning curve really wasn’t too bad; probably two weeks of 3D league.  I think that having a quality bowstring, like those from Vapor Trail Archery, is of greater importance with the Nite Hawk peep than with shooting a round-hole peep.  If a lesser-quality string rotates too far with a round-hole peep one can likely still see through it.  With the Nite Hawk peep an over-rotated string may prevent one from seeing through it at all. 

Above:  The Nite Hawk Archery #3 peep sight.

Above:  The G5 Meta-Peep in 1/4″.

Comparison shooting for this review was conducted utilizing two set ups.  The Nite Hawk #3 peep was set in my current hunting rig; the outstanding Strother Archery Infinity.  A one-quarter inch G5 Meta Peep was set in my back up bow; the highly reliable and shootable Bowtech SWAT.  The day was a typical southern Wisconsin over cast grey.  A McKenzie 3D whitetail target was placed at 60 yards near the end of the range where tall oaks and dense brush provide a darker, natural background.  Each bow was drawn, aimed towards the whitetail target and held for several seconds to examine the entire aperture and sight picture.  This was repeated, alternately, three times for each peep.  For reference I’m a center-the-sight-housing-in-the-peep versus centering-the-pin-in-the-peep guy.

Above:  A whitetail 3D target at 60 yards was used to aim at.

Above:  A closer shot of the whitetail 3D target at 60 yards.     

No noticeable differences in clarity were noted between the two peeps – both sight pictures were very clear.  No noticeable differences in the amount of light seen through the peep were noted.  The outside edges of both peep pictures were somewhat fuzzy at full draw.  However, I did notice a lot of light bouncing off the inside bottom of the Meta Peep.  Could this change point of aim and a resultant point of impact?  I don’t know.  I don’t think this is possible with the Nite Hawk peep.  While light could bounce off the inside bottom the flat back wall would likely negate its influence.  This would be the same whether the light were bouncing of the left or right, also.  

I did not conduct accuracy testing with the peeps – without a Hooter Shooter the results would be questionable at best.  Since switching to a Nite Hawk peep I have shot my best scores ever.  However, this is also likely a function of two other things – equipment upgrades this year and actually keeping score.  As for hunting performance I have taken two whitetail does and one hen turkey utilizing the Nite Hawk.  The Rainy Day Doe was taken on a hazy, rainy afternoon hunt and my First Kansas Archery Whitetail was taken in the last few minutes of legal shooting light.  The First Fall Turkey was taken on a hazy October morning in somewhat normal fall season hunting light, but from a blind.  The peep performed well in all situations.   


  • A quality manufactured product.
  • Once the learning period was over I had no difficulties utilizing the Nite Hawk peep. 


  • None noted. 

Cost:  *** (5 stars of 5).  $14.99.         

Manufacturer’s Customer Service:  ***** (5 stars of 5).  I’ve had the occasion to ask many questions of Ken at Nite Hawk before and after my purchase.  He’s always responded quickly and with excellent information.    

Source:  Purchased, retail, directly from Nite Hawk Archery. 

General notes:  I’m blaming the purchase and use of this peep sight on Outdoor’s Buddy Seth.  Why he happened up on it and then convinced me to buy one I’m not totally certain, but I am happy with the decision.  I do know that the explanation on Nite Hawk’s web site made sense.  Secondly, the product evaluation by Norb Mullaney made a lot of sense,  too, and I’m a pretty big fan of his.  I will continue to use the Nite Hawk peep for 3D and hunting.

happy hunting, dv

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