Covering the Hot Shot Infinity release.

In early 2011 I was fortunate enough to be chosen for the Hot Shot Manufacturing promo-staff. 
They have long been a manufacturer of archery releases.  Super Slam Bowhunter and friend Gary Martin has successfully used their products for many, many years.  In 2008 current owner David White bought the company and began a modernizing overhaul.  Hot Shot’s home page shows him posing with a beautiful 2009 SCI record book waterbuck.  Anyway, the all new line of Hot Shot products has brought them into the present age of materials with features serious archers and bowhunters want.  Hot Shot promo-staff manager Robin Parks noted that target shooters are clamoring to get the new products.

Above:  The Hot Shot Infinity Wrist Strap Release.   

Although I have shot the 4-finger Tempest I was specifically set up from the beginning to shoot the Infinity model which one might liken to a single-jaw caliper release.  Before I throw the next sentence out there let me say I’ve shot a lot of caliper-style releases over time including those by Scott, Winn-Free, Tru-Fire and many more.  The Infinity has the single best release mechanism of ANY, yes ANY caliper-style release I’ve ever shot.  It has zero take up, nearly no travel and breaks over extremely cleanly and effortlessly.  Hot Shot notes that this is done through the use of a Lever-Link™ trigger mechanism vice roller bearings.  Additionally, the mechanism is self-lubricating.  While in the new set up phase I adjusted the mechanism much too lightly and ended up with what one would call in firearm lingo a “hair trigger”.  A heavy breath under back tension would set that thing off!

The materials used are very lightweight compared to what is normally expected making the head feel unusually light for its size.  The connector from head to wrist strap is infinitely adjustable.  This is a feature I greatly appreciate as I shoot a very, very short strap length in order to maintain proper anchor with my already short draw length.  The wrist strap is soft, supple, doesn’t chafe and for as light as it is endures my 68-70 pound hunting draw weights just fine.

Rumor has it that Hot Shot is coming out with two new versions of the Infinity in 2012 as well as a new wrist strap.  I can’t wait to the new line up.  If you haven’t tried out their products yet I recommend you find a dealer that carries them or contact Hot Shot to see where you can give ‘em a shot.

happy hunting, dv

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