Profiling some great people I met at this year’s ATA show.

 Above:  Up North Journal staff member Kevin Hutchings poses with UNJ boss man Mike Adams outside the show entrance. 

 Above:  Cindy Braun of AMS Bowfishing graciously showed me the year’s new products.

Above:   Terry Harmston, owner of Hunting Made Easy stands in front of the company’s many bow hanging devices.  HME products are innovative, affordable and some of my favorites.

Above:  Mikes Sohms, owner of Magnus Broadheads showed me how they are packaging Bullheads with their recommended arrows and an instructional DVD.  Magnus is well known for their no fault lifetime guarantee and superior customer service.

Above:  Jarrod and Steve Fondie of Vapor Trail Archery took time out at their high energy booth for this photo.  Their strings, cables and rests are among the best products in the industry.

Above:  A prized photo and experience. Left to right clockwise: Chase Fulcher continues to set new bowhunting records each year, Day One Camouflage owner Gary Christofferson, yours truly, Casey Brooks is one grizzly short of the Super Slam, Super Slam bowhunters Gary Martin, Tom Hoffman and Jack Frost and, finally, the renowned Randy Ulmer.

Above:  Dave Holt has been an extremely strong technical influence in the world of bowhunting for decades.  I attended my first seminar with him in 1994 and highly recommend his books Balanced Bowhunting and Balanced Bowhunting II for anyone who heads into the field with a bow more than two or three times a year.  He now spends four to five months a year in Africa testing equipment and helping others realize their bowhunting dreams on that continent.  Dave can be contacted at

Above:  Bowhunter magazine editor Curt Wells and Super Slam Bowhunter Gary Martin.  Curt’s articles and interviews are interesting and practical.  Gary always keeps me hopping in one way or another.

Above:  Cameron Hanes inspires many bowhunters to challenge themselves physically.  Fitness is something I also consider essential to bowhunting.

Above:  I shared accommodations with Michigan friend and fellow Skinny Moose blogger Lonnie Collins who writes Aim Small Miss Small.  Lonnie is a wise fount of shooting and hunting knowledge.

Above:  I watch very, very few hunting videos, but those put out by Todd Prignitz’s White Knuckle Productions make the short list.

Above:  Joe Jacks of TiteSpot produces the best quiver in the industry AND he’s a darned nice guy.  Here he shows off the now 10% lighter 2012 quiver in the new Carbon Weave pattern; hmmmm…..

That’s it for people pics from the 2012 Archery Trade Association show.  Look out for my product picks coming soon.

happy hunting, dv

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