Jerry grew up in rural Kansas where his parents not so much mentored, but allowed, he and his brother to trap, hunt, fish and spend lots of time roaming the fields and woods. In 1987 he joined the U.S. Navy.

While on shore duty in 1993 a Wisconsin acquaintance introduced him to bowhunting. Later that year he harvested his first whitetail and was bitten (infected) by the bowhunting bug. Over the course of the next fourteen years Uncle Sam moved him frequently, but he fit in bowhunting adventures along the way.

In 2007 Jerry retired from active duty Navy service and took up his bowhunting pursuits with fervor. Today he resides in southeastern Wisconsin working as a civilian logistics manager for the Department of the Navy. Much of his outdoors time is spent on property available to the public and he considers himself a Public Land Warrior. He enjoys spending quality time with his little dog Lexus, running with his medium dog Maggie, traveling with his wife, staying fit, and bowhunting.

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The Mostly Archery Blog

Mission: This blog’s mission is to help you avoid making the same mistakes I’ve made over time.

I’ll be sharing Mostly Archery stories, equipment recommendations, supplier recommendations, recipes, tips, techniques, DIY projects, trip and outfitter reports and more. A little humor (mostly dry & sometimes bad) will usually be sprinkled in here and there.


People sometimes ask who “dustyvarmint” is. Basically it was the formulation of a series of internet forum handles until one kind of stuck. It started out as “varmint” on a varminting forum, went to “dust varmint” on a woodworking forum, to “dusty varmint” on a home improvement forum and finally “dusytvarmint” on bowhunting forums. It usually gives people a chuckle and I’ve found it to be unique on the forums.