There seems to be more and more black coyotes being seen or shot and I wanted to ask you readers your thought on the origins of these color phases. Do you believe it is a genetic trait ” Melanism ” that is just more prevalent in the eastern part of the country? Or a cross breed between domestic dogs or wolves or maybe both? There have been DNA studies that lead to believe they have crossed with wolves and that might explain why they seem to be more common in the east. I have been witness to one litter of Coydogs, but from what I seen the Coyote genes were more dominant with only a few noticeable traits from the domestic dog. May be these black coyotes are Dogotes ” Male dog and female coyote “, with the domestic traits not showing as strong or have been bread down a few generations. I am no expert but by going from what my eyes have seen, the Coydog seems to have a stronger Coyote look, with the Dogote having more of the domestic dogs traits. I have my own ideas on the subject but would like to hear others opinions. So, Coydogs or genetic traits?, and why does there seem to be more and more of these black coyotes turning up?