OBX Vacation
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Just got back from a very relaxing week at the beach with family to celebrate my Grandma’s 90th birthday. One of the best beach weeks I can remember.

I had so much fun with my 2 favorite girls. Raelyn was full tilt all week long – playing in the sand, splashing in the water, picking up seashells, chasing ghost crabs…

The other great thing about the beach was the food we ate. Somehow every night’s meal got better than the last and culminated with a lowcountry boil. 3 pounds of shrimp, 2 pounds of kielbasa, 10 ears of corn, 2 dozen blue crabs, and 5 pounds of red potatoes. One of my favorite meals on earth. I got such a good deal on the crabs that we had another 2 and a half dozen to pick the next evening too.

I didn’t get much time to fish due to overall busyness and the water conditions. I did, however, take a picture of every single fish we caught the entire week.

Yep, I got one-hit. Fishing was pitiful, probably the worst I’ve ever had at the coast. That being said, it was still one of the funnest and most relaxing trips we’ve ever had. Just a great time spending time with family!

Earth First! – Speechless
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Occasionally, I’m momentarily surprised by the way someone acts or the words somebody says. Rarely am I shocked…

This qualifies.

Most of you who know me, realize I strike a pretty good balance between my pursuit of hunting and fishing adventures and an appreciation of wilderness, all things wild, and environmentally-sensitive issues. Heck, I posted twice and both times positively about global warming/climate change a couple months. This obviously implicates me as a voting career straight-liberal vote! So, for the first time in almost 1,400 blog posts, I’m going to call someone ridiculous and out of touch with reality, oh, and did I mention, criminal. Perhaps this may bring their wrath down upon me..

Who cares?! Me not.

For those naive to the fact that people like this actually exist, they do. I’m not going to waste my breath anymore, I’ll just let them convince you that they are lunatics with their own words.

Being interpreted: Guide to being a domestic terrorist.

Being interpreted: Let’s better learn how to be criminals while better learning how NOT to get caught.

Being interpreted: And now you should go to jail.

Being interpreted: 3 cheers for our captured domestic criminals/terrorists (they would substitute word ‘activists’).


“Eating Aliens” – by Jackson Landers
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I’ve been doing a ton of reading this year – one of the few New Year’s Resolutions that I have ever followed through on in my entire lifetime. I found this book on the shelf of a used book store in Columbus and it was on my “I might want to read it” list. For $3, I couldn’t pass it up.

Not a bad read, quite entertaining actually. The author does a great job of illustrating why Americans should be concerned about invasive species, but he gives some flawed suggestions for how to deal with them. The solutions he suggests are good in theory, perhaps perfect in a black and white world with no shades of gray. Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in. Creating a market for and placing economic/food value on invasive species to encourage exploitation, subsequent population reduction, range contraction, and eventual extirpation, it sounds like a win-win-win-win proposition. Truth is, people found out that feral hogs are good to eat, fun to hunt, and hunters will pay to access land or property to hunt them. What happened? People moved pigs around the United States to try and get in on the action. Currently, a few states have outlawed feral pig hunting unilaterally. The impetus is that if you remove the incentive and opportunity for people to hunt them and spread them around, then the agencies can more effectively do the job of removing animals and putting a dent in the population. Of course, wildlife management is rarely a pure science, and almost always has an art component to it. In states where feral pig populations are still expanding, this approach has been met with success thus far. His proposals for success are just a little too catch-all and a little too cut and dry, but perhaps it just because of my occupation that I know more of the complexities of the situation to critique it so much.

What Jackson does really well is bring awareness to a number of species that are either cool to have around (such as iguanas) or simply overlooked by the common citizen (such as invasive snails) – neither of which detracts from the actual harm the organisms are bringing to their environment. Following him on his adventures to conquer and consume over a dozen invasive species really is an enjoyable read.

Easy reading, good entertainment value, catchy writing style – I’d recommend it to anyone considering picking it up.

Follow me on Instagram @dihardhunter
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Instagram. Seems like a much lesser commitment than Facebook, and because of that I’m giving it a try. I’ve attempted Facebook multiple times but get burned out after about 3 minutes of being poked and liked too much. Back to Instagram… I’ve posted somewhere around 50 times in the last 50 days and my goal is to put something up once a day, takes up about 45 seconds of my morning bus ride onto campus. Might bring some good awareness and traffic to the site. The real reason I like it is for the mobile photo editing capabilities. Some really nice effects.

I tell myself everywhere year that to grow the blog, Facebook must be an essential part of that equation. I guess I care some, just not enough…so I’m underachieving with Instagram. Anyways, if you are an Instagrammer (probably a word now in year 2014), follow me at @dihardhunter.

Revive Fly Fishing
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I’m not a huge fisherman, but I do fish. I am a huge “appreciater” of the outdoors though, and the efforts that Revive Fly Fishing is making to capture the sport of fly fishing are worth appreciating. If you like to fish, particularly with fly equipment, do yourself a favor and check out their webpage. Their online magazine is stunning – the story telling, the photography – phenomenal.


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