We used some awesome catfish noodles over the 4th at Kerr Lake.  Here’s a picture and I’ll try to describe how they were put together so you can make some for yourself.  They work AWESOME!

The noodles basically consisted of a 15-18″ section of swimming pool noodle, a PVC pipe that barely  fits through the noodle’s hole (about 6 inches longer than the noodle section), 2 PVC pipe caps, a metal eyelet, 2″ section of metal rod that fits inside PVC pipe, and of course the fishing line, sinker, and business end (circle hook). 

After you have jammed the PVC pipe into the noodle, cap off one end and move it until it is flush with one end of the noodle.  Insert the chunk of metal rod in the other end and cap that off.  Next screw a metal eyelet in the exposed end of the PVC pipe and attach the business end of the fishing noodle.  You can wind the line right around the noodle and secure the hook directly into the foam.

You’re probably wondering what the chunk of metal is doing inside the PVC pipe…If you set the baited noodle in the water with weight at the end of the PVC that is flush with the noodle…A strike will jerk the noodle down and send the weight to the other end making a loud noise – basically alerting you to a hooked fish.  If the fish comes unhooked or misses the strike, the noodle will remain erect and let you find it to check the bait. 

These noodles worked unbelievably well…put to shame previous jugs I had used to catfish in other rivers.  The one drawback is that a good sized catfish can keep one of these noodles underwater for quite a long time, so make sure you get a hooked catfish off as soon as possible, especially if you suspect a lunker. 

Leave any comments if I wasn’t as clear as I need to be with the instructions.

Oh, forgot to mention, the PVC provides a great surface for writing your name, phone #, and depth of line with a black Sharpie marker.