My buddy that I hunted with on last Saturday morning connected on Wednesday morning.  The day before he had an encounter with a big buck in his backyard, but couldn’t shoot because the only shot he had was lined up with the neighbor’s trailer.  That night, the buck was killed just 300 yards away.  A great buck, but he was dissappointed to say the least.

There isn’t much to the story, so here we go.  Danny and I trimmed some brush for him to shoot more of the field on Saturday after hunting. 

6:20, Wednesday a.m. – climbs into stand

6:30 – 3 deer come trotting into field

6:31 – BOOM!

6:31 – Biggest buck of his life on the ground.

A few of the measurements: 18 5/8″ inside spread, 23 1/2″ main beams, 4 1/2″ inch eyeguards.

The neatest thing about the buck is he is older than dirt.  Taxidermist said there were no teeth left in his mouth hardly.  He is saving the jawbones so I can have a look see.  But great job Danny!  Now you need to find the big boy that you filmed in September.