I had neglected to post on some late-December NC deer drives that I participated in, so I’ll catch up with those on what will obviously be my last North Carolina deer hunting posts of the season.

On the Wednesday before season close, I headed to Caswell County with my buddy Daniel (killed the monster 8 from earlier in the season).  For the first hour or so, we sat on different ridges watching pine cutover.  He didn’t see anything, but I caught glimpses of a doe and yearlings running through the cutover about 200 yards away.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a steady crosshair to sit on them long enough to attempt a shot.

The crew arrived and we laid out a 3 phase man-drive incorporating 8 of the 11 hunters (only 3 permanent posters).  It worked closer to perfection that any other deer drive I have ever been involved with.  The first push yielded 2 does to one hunter as a long train of deer tried to escape around the edge of a pond.

On the second phase, one of the drivers dropped a doe as she circled back through the push.  Mistake.

Just between phase 2 and 3, one of the other drivers had a doe try to slip by him and one round of buckshot ended her day.  I think the most amazing thing about the entire drive was that all 4 deer were mature does.  No buttonheads, spikes, or even doe fawns.

That’s what I would call a successful deer drive.  Unfortunately, the only photo I got of the deer were piled in a pick-up truck bed and it wasn’t decent enough to post here on the blog.

At noon, I had to bolt across town for a New Year’s get together.  But the afternoon drives produced no more does, but 4 different buck sightings.  One buck was shot, a 4 pointer, by a first-time successful hunter.  I know he was awfully excited to get to experience his first harvest around 9 other hunters.

Next day, we headed to southern Alamance County and did 4 different deer drives.  Skunk. Skunk. Skunk.  Last drive we finally managed to produce a herd of does, but slipped out of the back of the set-up without a single hair of fur being ruffled.  Amazing what a day’s difference can make.