I am writing from Roanoke, Virginia tonight at the 2009 Southeast Deer Study Group.  Tonight we had a great social and dinner, and I touched base with a lot of the guys I know from the deer science arena – QDMA, Mick Hellickson from King Ranch, state agency biologists, the works. 

Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be delivering my first presentation of the conference on brain abscess.  You can look back at that material through a link to Realtree’s Whitetailology website.

On Tuesday, I’ll be talking about some findings of the adult buck GPS data compared to hunting pressure at Chesapeake Farms, Maryland – my M.S. study site. 

Can’t wait to get back in the saddle on Wednesday and share some of the other deer research that has been going on in the past year.  33 presentations over 2 days should give plenty of ammunition to pass along to you the readers. 

Stay posted, I won’t keep you hanging too long, I promise!