The cell phone bill might be on the rise as hunting season has arrived in many states across the United States.  I’ve been talking with buddies and enjoying the flood of pictures and stories that are swamping the state/regional hunting forums that I keep track of.

In North Carolina, word has it that big velvet bucks have been falling right and left.  My good friend Craig Hall’s taxidermist shop has been filling up with 130-150″ bucks in just the first few days of the season.

Good friend Allan used his first tag of the season on a bloody velvet-shedding 8 point with 4 sticker points on the second night of season.

Another acquaintance doubled up with a friend on 2 150″+ bucks in Orange County.  That is quite an accomplishment anywhere in the nation, let alone in the Piedmont of North Carolina.

Meanwhile, I am left to daydream about cut corn fields in Kansas and the opener of our deer season here in Alabama in mid-October.

I guess I’ll have to keep myself occupied catching-and-releasing research critters.  I guess maybe it’s not so bad…

I’m not sure whether or not I’ll get much participation or feedback, but I invite all my readers (whether you are personal friends or just folks passing through on the Internet) to send photos of the animals they harvest this hunting season.  Just include a .jpeg picture file and a brief 3-5 sentence description of the hunt and I’ll post them up on the blog as often as they show up in my email Inbox.  Send everything to