Many state wildlife agencies have established record keeping programs for bragging-sized white-tailed deer in their respective states.  Alabama did not have such a program until recently when the Records of Alabama’s White-tailed Deer (RAWD) was established.

Not only were hunters looking for an outlet to brag about their trophy kills, the Alabama DNR was constantly being asked about the state’s hotbeds for record sized bucks.  RAWD provided the perfect outlet to solve both dilemmas.

The RAWD program is open to all free-ranging bucks taken in the state of Alabama regardless of whether it was harvested or found dead (e.g., roadkill).  The system works off the standard Boone and Crockett scoring scale and recognizes typical bucks that score a minimum of 140″ (net) and non-typical bucks that break the 165″ (net) barrier.

RAWD provides several scoring sessions where hunters can take their deer to qualified measurers in the spring, summer, and fall.  If a deer has previously been officially scored, an official score sheet can accompany a mount to qualify the deer for entry.  There is no charge for admitting one’s kill to the RAWD program and photos of each entry will be made available through the AL DNR’s website.

Check out the RAWD website for score sheets or scoring dates.