Sorry that the blog has been so inactive, but I’ve been working out of the house a bunch the last week and a half (all my videos are on my office PC) and also spending a considerable amount of time in the woods chasing whitetails. That being said, I can guarantee you that not too many places on the Internet can provide semi-live hunting updates as late into the year as I can with Alabama’s late deer season. Hope you will enjoy the way that my January unfolds in the Alabama deer woods.

The last day of December was real cold and what was surprising was that a heavy fog bank laid heavy on the ground that day.

I sat in the fog for almost 2 and a half hours before it finally lifted. In that time the only action I had were these Northern Flicker woodpeckers going up and down this tree non-stop hunting for insects.

Right as the fog was lifting, I heard a buck grunt in the swamp behind me but I never could see anything as I tore every bit of woods I could see apart with my binoculars.

As I was turning around, I saw 3 does pass across a lane cut through the CRP and more looking revealed 3 other antlerless deer in other parts of the field. It looked like the deer had waited for the fog to lift, but now were going full bore trying to make up for lost time.

I just happened to glance to my right about 200 yards down the field’s edge and caught a deer’s body disappearing down a deer trail. I got on my grunt tube hard and was shocked to see the deer re-emerge almost immediately. I lost sight of the deer until I picked up movement with my peripheral vision about 75 yards and closing fast. Buck!

Classic early pre-rut action. That spike was fired up and he no sooner walked past the stand than another spike came up out of the creek bed and the 2 had a brief confrontation before moving off in their separate directions.

I figured the deer movement might stay hot, but the only other thing I saw that morning was this small group of turkeys acting like psychos! Some of the funniest animal behavior I’ve ever witnessed from a deer stand. Very entertaining morning to say the least and hopefully a sign of things to come.