You’ve heard me talk about Bushnell Trophy Cam trail cameras before (click here for my extensive product review), but I never thought I’d be considering them as must have elk equipment. The truth is that in the game of saving ounces a trail camera is probably going to be out of the question entirely. That is until I made a few adjustments to my camera and think I’ve reduced the payload to where it may make at least the first hike with me as we’ll be hunting in the early season on wallows and water holes – golden opportunities to employ trail cameras for scouting purposes.

Instead of loading up the camera with 8 cheap AA batteries, I replaced the 8 alkaline AA batteries with 4 (camera will run off a minimum of 4 batteries but up to 8 if desired) Lithium batteries which are more powerful and lighter weight than their alkaline counterparts. Removing the manufacturer’s straps and buckles saved some more weight and I was able to squeeze 2 mini-bungee cords where the other 4 batteries used to be.

All told, I’ve now got a modified trail camera that can serve as an extra set of eyes for the load carrying price of 11 ounces. Again, it will probably spend the majority of the trip in the truck, but in the warmer temperatures when water holes may be the hot ticket, it could prove extremely valuable. There may be a lighter weight alternative but I sure don’t know of one.