Flagging tape might seem like extra dead weight, but I am planning to carry at least enough flagging tape to hang 25 or 30 streamers. I’m thinking it might come in handy especially if a critter takes 2 loads to tote out of the back country. The steep slope of a basin 13 ridges deep in the mountains can start looking mighty similar when your eyes are bleary eyed from a mind numbing, back crippling hike. Running a tape line 150 yards above and below your kill sight might save an hour or two of stress.

Paracord is basically Duct-tape in rope form. Hanging quarters to cool, strapping heavy elk quarters in a pack, rigging a tent fly to a nearby tree or rock, raising camp food off the ground to discourage unwanted scavengers, and erecting a clothesline around the campfire to dry damp clothing layers.

A roll of flagging tape is 2.5 ounces and 50 feet of 3 mm paracord is 2 ounces. 4.5 ounces total and I’m probably only going to need 25% of a flagging tape, so cut that combined weight by probably 25-35% – even less if I decide 25 feet of paracord will suffice.